Staff development and learning

Our belief is that the development of a confident, competent workforce is fundamental to providing high quality support services.

All of our approaches to learning and development are directly informed by the needs of the people we support. We make sure that workers have the specific skills and competencies to meet the requirements of the individuals they support.

Our regional staff development officers provide both generic and specialist training, for example, in autism, behavioural support strategies, mental health and dementia; working closely with individuals and families to make sure that learning opportunities are responsive to their particular needs. Video by a KEY Co-TrainerAlso, our pioneering work in the involvement of people with learning disabilities continues through the delivery of training programmes by people we support in their role as paid co-trainers.

Learning is actively encouraged and supported in a wide variety of settings and contexts; individual supervision and appraisal; team meetings and small group discussions; e-learning resources; workbooks; training courses and the provision of opportunities to undertake SVQ.


We have a rolling programme of opportunities for staff to obtain qualifications. Mostly these are SVQ2 and SVQ3 in Health and Social Care and are delivered within our approved centre, but we also work with other training providers to deliver SVQ4 and Professional Development Awards.

SVQ Awards