Support for a good life

We believe that good support is essential for a good life. Many people already have good support from family and friends, and they look to KEY for a bit of extra help to live the lives they want. Other people are more isolated, perhaps because they have been living away from family and friends. They often need much more support from KEY to help them live life to the full and to build up their social networks.

Link to My Story videoThe people we support and their families tell us that they want support from KEY that is flexible, friendly, reliable, respectful of their personal preferences, and that we stick by them through good times and bad - so this is what we do!

Whether supporting people in their own home, their family home or in their community activities, our starting point is always the uniqueness of the individual. We carefully tailor our assistance to each person’s needs and wishes. This support could be for a few hours a week, a few hours a day, or all the time including overnight support.

We know that warm, caring relationships are essential to good support and we therefore make sure that each person is supported by a worker or a team of workers they get on well with.

Some people we support have complex needs or may be going through a particularly difficult time in their life. Their workers will have additional training to make sure the person gets all the support they need. We have an experienced staff development team to provide this training. We also call on specialist help from health care and other organisations to make sure the person gets the best possible assistance.